Veritas Natt (19/11/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Spira
Organiser: Knut Møgedal
Distance: 4.54 km
Time: 35:26
Average HR: 160
Maximum HR: 178
Getting faster, but a few mistakes:

1) Ran without my regular compass (had to send it in for repair), and lost the direction in the greenish stuff, lost 40+ seconds.

2-3) OK

4) Worst mistake of the race, hit an old marker on the cliff above the '4' but didn't see it on the map, almost sure that the control was placed too far south. Lost about 1:30.

5-13) OK

14) Climbed up on the wrong hill, lost 30+ sec.

15) Very nice, this was my third leg split time victory so I must be capable of running nearly as fast as before, at least when the forest is dense and the orienteering is difficult. :-)
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Veritas Natt (19/11/2014) Veritas Natt (19/11/2014)