Running to N37 W122 (07/11/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Santa Cruz
Distance: 6.73 km
Time: 64:29
I'm in California for a conference at the Chaminade hotel in Santa Cruz, since this is just a few km away from a Degree Confluence I constructed a map using the same process I've been using in Norway, combining LiDAR with OpenStreetMap xml data, then went for a run.

I started out going west down the steep hillside on a marked hiking trail, crossed the valley and came back up to the LaDeveaga golf course and located the exact spot:

37°N 122°W

On the return trip I took the longer route, following roads back to the hotel.
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Running to N37 W122 (07/11/2014) Running to N37 W122 (07/11/2014)