Long Night Sprint (06/11/2014)
Category: Training
Map/area: UC Berkeley
Organiser: Lori
Distance: 5.52 km
Time: 35:19
Average HR: 146
Maximum HR: 170
I'm in the Silicon Valley for a conference this week, last night Martin Jullum told me that there was a training event on the UC Berkeley campus so we met up there and ran a long night sprint with a borrowed (tiny!) led light to read the map. This lamp choice meant that I had some problems reading the map, something which caused me trouble in a couple of places:

On #5 the control was located on a lower level, with the only access from the south (the control area seems to be marked as olive green, i.e. out of bounds?)

The big trap was on #14 where I thought the black square NW of the control was a staircase, while in fact there is no access to this area except from the east side.

There was however an open gate just west of the control, so I ran through that, but this would normally have caused a DSQ since it turns out it is mapped as an unpassable fence.

My next problem occured between 17 & 18 where my mexican burrito dinner caught up with me, so I had to search around a couple of building to locate an open restroom. (The out-of-bounds area around #17 was removed on the map we used.)

Finally I didn't see the tunnel leading in to #20, so I spent some time running up the stairs to the upper level, then I had to descend to the control and climb up again.
Anyway, UC Berkeley turned out to be an interesting sprint area, even though I suspect the minimum size and feature separation rules might have been broken here in order to show all the stairs and walls.
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Long Night Sprint (06/11/2014) Long Night Sprint (06/11/2014)