Score Night-O (06/11/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Tanum
Organiser: Veritas
Distance: 4.82 km
Time: 41:38
Average HR: 148
Maximum HR: 167
(The result list is currently ordered just by time, independent of the number of controls found.)

This felt like a positive race to me, I could run faster both in the terrain and on the paths than I have managed on any previous Night-O this year.

I started with #73, then I hit 112, 71, 110, 70, 72 and 125 as planned before I lost the direction in the dense green and hit the wrong knoll and cliff for #114. This cost me at least a minute, and it would definitely have been better to pick up this control on the way back, between 95 and 115!

I lost a few seconds on 126 since the marker hung almost on top of the knoll while the description stated "cliff, under".

The next control, 79, was located at the point where I got up to the ridge, i.e. about 40 m south of the correct spot, but since I saw the reflex marker relatively early this didn't cost me anything.

OK to 100, 130 and 91, but then I lost 4+ minutes on 124 which was located 60+ meters too far north: I hit the correct spot after about 1.5 minutes, searched the area for a minute and then ran down to 96. Here I restarted my approach to the control without seeing it, I was just about ready to give up, telling the next guy who turned up that "The control must have been stolen!", but he insisted on searching even further north and found it at the point where my track turns back.

The next three controls should have been taken in a better order, i.e. 118, 121, 95, with my approach I didn't have a proper attack point for 95, and when it turned out to be slightly hidden inside a small reentrant not shown on the map, I ended up losing 20-30 seconds here.

Since this was a score-O with a max time of 45 minutes and 1 point per control I checked my watch many times to see if I needed to skip any controls, but I managed to get them all in 41:37 minutes, even with those 4+ minutes lost on #124.
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Score Night-O (06/11/2014) Score Night-O (06/11/2014)