Harry Lagert C (15/10/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sandermosen
Organiser: Nydalens SK
Distance: 5.33 km
Time: 42:06
Average HR: 160
Maximum HR: 171
Bad start, otherwise mostly OK:

1) I decided that I didn't dare to run straight so I bailed back to the path, but when I passed the first logged area I never spotted the path junction and ran too far and had to cut back up to the road. At this point I didn't know exactly how far along I was so I decided to take the big path uphill to the little plateau.

There was another control at the boulder field so I knew exactly where I was but I still ended up above the control. Total time loss was probably in the 1.5 to 2 min range.

2) OK. It might have been faster to touch the road then run a bit uphill on the path before traversing to the control, but my route choice was a lot safer, using the open marsh as my attack point.

3) I had to walk most of the hillside here, otherwise OK.

4) OK

5) Transport, setting us up for a long route choice leg

6) I knew that the hillside halfway between #2 and #6 is quite nice, but with my bad leg I didn't dare to run downhill in heather so I took the safe route all the way around on paths. From the much faster guy I compared split times with I didn't lose many seconds doing it.

7) Heavy slogging through the initial green stuff but going straight was probably still correct.

8) I had problems following the distinct vegetation boundary but didn't lose more than 10-15 sec.

9) OK.
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Harry Lagert C (15/10/2014) Harry Lagert C (15/10/2014)