25 Manna 7 D (11/10/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Rudan
Leg: 7
Distance: 5.63 km
Time: 38:56
Average HR: 168
Maximum HR: 178
I got the honor of running as the last of the four 7th leg runners on my team, the idea being that I would recover as much time as possible so my team could start on leg 23 as quickly as possible.

The race went quite well, the main problem was the heavy rains that had flooded the terrain a few days previously, turning many of the marshes into ponds!

1) I had pretty good control all the way, when I stopped in the middle of the control circle the flag was just 15 m to the right.

2) I just ran along the contours here, trying to avoid most of the mudholes and ponds, then climbed up the obvious reentrant to the control. On the way to this control I helped a couple runners from my club, but we had only the single common control so I didn't see them again.

3) Good flow and OK route except that it might have been faster to run around the final knoll instead of going over the top like I did.

4) This leg looks nice on the map but I still lost some time here: I got stuck in mud & water multiple times and when I needed to pass down the small cliff about 75 m before the control it took me 30 seconds to do so safely.

5) Easy positioning control.

6) I clearly remembered all the problems I had with the same marsh towards #4, so on this control I elected to run around all the wet stuff. :-)

7) Another setup control.

8) Pretty obvious route choice, avoiding marshes while staying close to the straight line.

9) Here it turned out to be faster to make a small left bend, hitting the big path as soon as possible.

On this leg I competed against H21E WOC runners, so I was quite satisfied with a final time about 10 min behind the fastest guy on the 7th leg, Magne Dæhlie from Halden.
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25 Manna 7 D (11/10/2014) 25 Manna 7 D (11/10/2014)