Harry Lagert C (08/10/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Mobekken
Organiser: Nydalens SK
Mostly OK, particularly for a night-O race, but I'm really quite bad at broken field running these days.

1) I could have gone back down through the start area and taken the road but I wanted to orienteer so I found a nice line along the knolls, passed the creek and hit the control perfectly.

2) I had to start out south to get around some windfall, then I cut across to avoid the cliffs and took the control from the north. (Our race maps had several newly logged fields drawn in, one of them covered the area between the creek and the green just in front of the control.)

3) It was probably faster to go straight here but I wanted to avoid some risk and followed the path and road. When I hit the road junction the plan was to curve around slightly south, but when I found an unmapped trail going up the hillside I followed it most of the way to the top of the knoll. Tonight was somewhat foggy so it was impossibly to see the control area from the hillside but I hit it pretty good.

4) Probably my best control, hit all my planned intermediate points and when I rounded the small knoll above the control cliff I was certain that the flag would be located just around the corner. :-)

5) I climbed just enough to touch the path, in order to have a secure attack point into the green hillside around the control.

6) Perfect, except for the control having the wrong code. I spent less than a minute checking the area, including the boulder below, then I punched anyway and told the others who were hanging around the area that this was indeed the correct control and they should punch and continue like I was doing.

7) It would have been safer to take the path but I wanted to rest my bad foot so I ran along the road instead.

8) Easy positioning control to get us safely over the bridge.

9) I considered running all the way around, road+path, but going straight was more fun.

10) I relaxed a bit when following the path, just waiting for the path junction, and got fooled by an unmapped path that followed the thin opening in the green. I recovered relatively quickly but I must have lost about 90 seconds here.

11) Down the hill, find the creek, then the larger stream and go north.

12 Easy run-in.
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Harry Lagert C (08/10/2014) Harry Lagert C (08/10/2014)