Fränkels Kanna (27/09/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Svarte Mosse/Hisingen
Organiser: ROSIG
Distance: 5.54 km
Time: 35:47
The last part of a military triathlon, I knew I had lost a number of points on the first (shooting) part and didn't know how well the pure map reading (target designation from a viewpoint overlooking the entrance to the Gothenburg harbour area) part had gone so I needed a clear win in the orienteering event.

1) I saw immediately that I could go left, but with very poor laser printed/copied maps I couldn't determine if the thick black line along the sports fields was a wall or a road, so I took the twisty track to the right instead. I tried to count the bends, but when I failed to spot a big boulder shown on the map I missed my exit point and was surprised to suddenly see the track split in front of me. I lost my composure here and spent some additional time finding the flag. Total time loss vs the left-hand route and no control miss was probably around 90 sec, a very bad start. :-(

2) Lots of running, kept good speed all the way, hitting directly above the clifff with the flag below me.

3) More running, as I hit the control I caught up to the two best guys on the Swedish team, they had started 1 & 2 minutes before me.

4) One of the Swedes took the same route to #4 as I did but I managed to get a few seconds gap into the control.

5) The thick hand-drawn tri-color line going through this control is the ancient border between Norway and Sweden, as the map shows this border is marked with an equally old (800+ years) stone fence which I could follow from the path.

6) The most interesting route choice leg:

a) Return to the path past #4, down left and enter from the south.
b) Take the green valley/reentrant NNW down to the same path system.
c) Go right like I did, but then cross all the way over to the left side.
d) My route, which was OK except for some problems down the hill through an old clearcut logging area.
e) All the way around to the right, avoiding some climb.

I believe option (b) is the fastest if you can fight your way through the green stuff, otherwise (d) or (e) are more or less equal. (Nobody tried (b) during the competition, all the others were used by at least one runner.)

7) Some actual orienteering! :-)

8) Here I was misled by the map, the initial part over the marsh turned out to be close to impenetrable. :-(

9) Ran around all the green stuff...

Finish) Before starting we were told that the finish line would be the same place we started, but they had moved it over to where it was marked on the map instead.

In the end I won this part by 7 minutes/points which was exactly what I needed for an individual win by a single point (180.6 vs 179.6), and we also won the team competition so we got to keep the "Kanna" (a silver bucket) in Oslo for another year!
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Fränkels Kanna (27/09/2014) Fränkels Kanna (27/09/2014)