Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

WOC Tour 2 (2022-06-26)
Domingo 26 Junio 2022
Categoría: Competition
Second race of the WOC Tour, this "Middle Distance" was longer than the "Shortened Long" yesterday, and it much heavier terrain! ...
WOC Tour 1 H65 (2022-06-25)
Sábado 25 Junio 2022
Categoría: Competition
Fredrikshåb Vest
First real race since early February, my left ankle worked almost as normal so I am very happy. It took me a while to figure out t...
OCC Nydalen (2022-06-21)
Martes 21 Junio 2022
Categoría: Training
I was injured when this race took place so I did it now instead as training for the upcoming WOC Tour races in Denmark. OK to #1, ...
Værstesprint (2022-06-18)
Sábado 18 Junio 2022
Categoría: Training
Fredrikstad Stadion
FSK ran this training event two days ago, I got a copy of the map file and ran it without control markers, as training before the ...
Tanum sprint (2022-06-07)
Martes 7 Junio 2022
Categoría: Competition
The final loop, some of the controls started to become a bit familiar...
Tanum Linje (2022-06-07)
Martes 7 Junio 2022
Categoría: Training
The map is 6 years old and the vegetation is a lot denser now. Some of the green has increased significantly and closed off passag...
Tanum sprint loop 2 (2022-06-07)
Martes 7 Junio 2022
Categoría: Competition
Second sprint loop
Sprint loop 1 (2022-06-07)
Martes 7 Junio 2022
Categoría: Training
Ran a a total of 4 loops I found via WorldOfO, from a Swedish national team gathering.
FSK Kjøkøy training (2022-06-04)
Sábado 4 Junio 2022
Categoría: Training
Kjøkøy, FSK
FSK training from Thursday which I used two days later, without any control markers remaining. This caused me a few problems, but ...
Fredrikstad Klubbmesterskap (2022-05-26)
Jueves 26 Mayo 2022
Categoría: Training
I jogged through the H60 course on this race, still extremely careful that I never stumbled or mis-stepped on my left ankle. My sh...
KM Sprint (2022-05-24)
Martes 24 Mayo 2022
Categoría: Training
Still not recovered from the ankle injury, but today's event in the Veritas park was just too tempting so I did a test run (i.e. j...
Kjentmannspost 27 (2022-05-19)
Jueves 19 Mayo 2022
Categoría: Training
11 friends met up for this bike/hike to fixed control #27. We rode our MTBs about 11.5 km, almost all uphill, to Sandstrømmen whe...
Kjentmannspost 46 (2022-05-02)
Lunes 2 Mayo 2022
Categoría: Training
18 people turned up for this hike to KP46, "Ørneredet" (The Eagles' Nest) in very nice spring weather. 8.5 km, 260 m climb, 3 ho...
Lørdagskjappen (2022-04-23)
Sábado 23 Abril 2022
Categoría: Competition
Mossemarka-Skihytta, Moss OK
My ankle is still bad, since it hasn't recovered in 2 months I have an MRI scheduled for the coming week, hope the doctors can fig...
Kjentmannspost 44 (2022-04-20)
Miércoles 20 Abril 2022
Categoría: Training
No more cohort size limit, so today we had 24 people gathered in gorgeous weather for a very nice hike around in this area. We had...
Oslo City Cup (2022-04-19)
Martes 19 Abril 2022
Categoría: Competition
A tough test of my injured ankle, I did manage to run most of the race but not without significant pain. I am currently waiting fo...
Blåveissprinten (2022-04-02)
Sábado 2 Abril 2022
Categoría: Competition
Rekustad, Fredrikstad SK First competition since I smashed my ankle while climbing 5 w...
Ås by Night & Fog Cup #8 (2022-03-16)
Miércoles 16 Marzo 2022
Categoría: Competition
Tried to run this race one day after the mass start, it turned out that the ankle I smashed 3 weeks ago wasn't even close to capab...
AOOK training (2022-02-09)
Miércoles 9 Febrero 2022
Categoría: Training
Second round which I cut short, concentrating on picking up a couple of new controls and routes.
AOOK training (2022-02-09)
Miércoles 9 Febrero 2022
Categoría: Training
Pretty nice conditions, near snow-free on the east side, 0-10 cm of crusty snow cover on the west. This was the first loop of a fo...
Ås by Night & Fog Cup #5 (2022-02-01)
Martes 1 Febrero 2022
Categoría: Competition
Heavy snow resulted in lots of accidents and delays in the Oslo area, I arrived at the arena parking barely 1 min before the mass ...
Drengsrud natt 2 (2022-01-30)
Domingo 30 Enero 2022
Categoría: Training
Second week of the night-O series from Drengsrud, I ran the long way around to the first control, lost contact with the path syste...
Fredagsnatt (2022-01-22)
Sábado 22 Enero 2022
Categoría: Training
Drengsrud, Asker
Nice training course, fairly deep snow in some areas. Mostly good routes, no real control mistakes.
Ås by Night & Fog Cup #4 (2022-01-18)
Martes 18 Enero 2022
Categoría: Competition
Slettåsen 4 min lost to #5, 30-45 seconds leavi...
Morgenfrisk (2022-01-16)
Domingo 16 Enero 2022
Categoría: Competition
Very nice comeback from my disastrous night-O run on Wednesday: This was daytime, sunny, about 5C and variable snow cover but most...
Østfold Vintercup løp 3 (2022-01-12)
Miércoles 12 Enero 2022
Categoría: Competition
Ødemørk, OK Moss
A fun run but a pretty bad start to my first season as a H65 competitor: First I had missed the PM announcement about mass start ...