Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Nordre Follo Juleløyper (18-12-2019)
Onsdag 18 December 2019
Kategori: Training
No markers in the forest, but except for the boulder on #2 which was a block barely separated from a small cliff, it was easy to d...
Ribbe & Loff H60 (14-12-2019)
Lørdag 14 December 2019
Kategori: Competition
Hasle / Sinsen
Pretty good conditions for Helge Gisholt's traditional "long street sprint" race before Christmas, on a brand new map with several...
Veritas Night-O (11-12-2019)
Onsdag 11 December 2019
Kategori: Competition
Last Night-O race of the Veritas season, ran with my son all the way because he had forgotten his EMIT card. This might have slowe...
Ås by Night & Fog Cup Enebakk (10-12-2019)
Tirsdag 10 December 2019
Kategori: Competition
Strange race! I started early so I could break trail in the snow, hit the first two controls more or less OK, then I spotted some ...
Veritas Natt (27-11-2019)
Onsdag 27 November 2019
Kategori: Competition
Koll-hytta/Sognsvann Øst
Won the split to #1, then it went downhill from there: The direct route to #2 was far slower than going north to the ski track an...
Hike to the Flatirons above Boulder (22-11-2019)
Fredag 22 November 2019
Kategori: Training
Colorado, USA
Very nice hike with Eistein and Ingerid, in about 5cm of fresh snow. We followed the serpentine trails up the hillside between Fla...
Veritas Night-O (13-11-2019)
Onsdag 13 November 2019
Kategori: Competition
Way too many mistakes, mostly due to the light drizzle which made it hard to read the map with orienteering glasses: I tended to j...
Veritas Night race (30-10-2019)
Onsdag 30 Oktober 2019
Kategori: Competition
First full speed run/race since the middle of August, I ran in the softest running shoe Nike makes, which meant a few bad spills s...
Harry Lagert 4 Lokal (16-10-2019)
Onsdag 16 Oktober 2019
Kategori: Competition
My foot is very slowly getting better, so now I'm running once a week, but I am extremely rusty after 2 months of enforced rest. ...
Fränkel's Kanna (21-09-2019)
Lørdag 21 September 2019
Kategori: Competition
Vestila, Asker
Yes, I can run again, at least in the forest! This was my first attempt to run since the middle of August and even though I had so...
Kjentmannstur til KP17 og 19 (27-08-2019)
Tirsdag 27 August 2019
Kategori: Training
Damtjern, Gunnar Halden
We were 9 friends gathered for this trip to two of the fixed controls in Nordmarka: The first stop was just above KP17, the res...
WOC Public race 5 H60 (16-08-2019)
Fredag 16 August 2019
Kategori: Competition
livelox I ran Night Hawk while sick, then I got injured as well during that race, so this was the only WOC public race I attended...
Night Hawk Men - Team 60 KW Mathisen (10-08-2019)
Lørdag 10 August 2019
Kategori: Competition
Grorud, Lillomarka
To celebrate my brother Knut turning 60, we entered a special family team for this 8-leg relay. I had been slightly sick for a we...
Stolpejakt with Fredrik - on bike (04-08-2019)
Søndag 4 August 2019
Kategori: Training
We parked near the south end of the map, just off Isegran and control #53. I had previously visited the 4 controls on the island s...
Skjærgårdscup 3 (31-07-2019)
Onsdag 31 Juli 2019
Kategori: Competition
Sildevika, Egil W. Iversen
3rd and last O+BBQ combo night and I made a nearly perfect race.
Skjærgårdscup 2 (30-07-2019)
Tirsdag 30 Juli 2019
Kategori: Competition
Røsholmen, Eirik Tandrevold
Comparisons on The last two days was spent preparing for an...
WOC Long Training course (27-07-2019)
Lørdag 27 Juli 2019
Kategori: Training
Gillingsrød / Råde, Fredrikstad SK
I created the new base map for this refresh of the Gillingsrød map, so when I saw that Tom A. Karlsen (the WOC Long course planne...
Checking the map and possible control placements (23-07-2019)
Tirsdag 23 Juli 2019
Kategori: Training
Vikerhavn / Asmaløy
Svabergsprinten went very well last Saturday, now I'm getting ready for the next event here, Skjærgårdscupen which I'm hosting o...
WOC Test race - D21 Norway course (07-07-2019)
Søndag 7 Juli 2019
Kategori: Training
I ran through the D21 course an hour after the last lady, this meant that I got a severe rain storm just before I started which me...
Veritas sommer 2 (02-07-2019)
Tirsdag 2 Juli 2019
Kategori: Competition
Forgot to use my gps watch, so hand-drawn track! I shadowed Richard Zeiner-Gundersen to the first control, he ran nicely to #1 ...
O-Festivalen H60 Long (30-06-2019)
Søndag 30 Juni 2019
Kategori: Competition
I always try to win the first split but today that might have been my worst control: I changed my mind about the route to take sev...
O-Festivalen H60 Middle (29-06-2019)
Lørdag 29 Juni 2019
Kategori: Competition
A good race under tough conditions, very glad to repeat my win from last year. Very interesting orienteering, the veteran classes ...
Veritas Sommerløp (26-06-2019)
Onsdag 26 Juni 2019
Kategori: Competition
Tried to use this race as a high intensity session before O-Festivalen this coming weekend, so I intentionally pushed hard enough ...
OBIK P13 (25-06-2019)
Tirsdag 25 Juni 2019
Kategori: Competition
Ringnesmarka, Thales
Good start to #1, run to where the ridge starts to go down, then cross the valley and climb up between the cliffs before contourin...
Extreme contour-only orienteering (20-06-2019)
Torsdag 20 Juni 2019
Kategori: Training
Sognsvann, Anders Nordberg
The rule for this training was (a) no backup map before or during the run, (b) cut the map in a circle, so removing all edge direc...
Geoform (19-06-2019)
Onsdag 19 Juni 2019
Kategori: Competition
Sognsvann Vest
Very tired after a nearly 50km MTB/foot trip in Nordmarka last evening, my right knee was painful all day but I hoped that a fores...
Jukola (15-06-2019)
Lørdag 15 Juni 2019
Kategori: Competition
Etape 5|Resultat
I ate a Finnish Makkara (grilled sausage) late at night, I really should not have done that since I had to make three stops in the...
Torsdag 13 Juni 2019
Kategori: Competition
Traning run with my son: He carried the map & compass, I just glanced at it at every control and then tried to run on map memory. ...
Comfort-løpet (12-06-2019)
Onsdag 12 Juni 2019
Kategori: Competition
This was supposed to be a "comfortable" event, with course planning that allowed us to run everywhere, that only lasted until the ...
OBIK P10 (11-06-2019)
Tirsdag 11 Juni 2019
Kategori: Competition
Rælingen, Østmarka OK
I took this race as a recovery event after the competition in Kongsberg yesterday: Steady orienteering but no pushing the speed. ...
Pinseløpet dag 3 - H60 (10-06-2019)
Mandag 10 Juni 2019
Kategori: Competition
Lurdalen, Kongsberg
This race went more or less as planned/expected: I managed a pretty much error-free race except for getting stuck between the clif...
Vesterøy hike with friends (25-05-2019)
Lørdag 25 Maj 2019
Kategori: Training
Nice loop, perfect weather allowed us to really appreciate the wonderful rock slabs surrounding this part of the Vesterøy Island....
Group hike to 6 black fixed controls (15-05-2019)
Onsdag 15 Maj 2019
Kategori: Training
Another nice hike, this time in much flatter terrain than yesterday. The 6 fixed controls were supposed to be difficult or hard to...
Kjentmannspost 2 Blåfjell (14-05-2019)
Tirsdag 14 Maj 2019
Kategori: Training
Group hike to the permanent control on Blåfjell: 3 hours total, 2 hours 10 min in motion and 50 min total rest including about 35...
Knut Valstads Minneløp H60 (12-05-2019)
Søndag 12 Maj 2019
Kategori: Competition
My best race this year, almost perfect? Very easy start, I just ran along the path until I saw the opening under the power line...
15-Stafetten NSK 2 (11-05-2019)
Lørdag 11 Maj 2019
Kategori: Competition
Etape 1A
First leg with about 100 competitors around me, I started most probably too hard by being in the leading group up to the top of th...
OBIK P3 putting out the controls (08-05-2019)
Onsdag 8 Maj 2019
Kategori: Competition
Walk/jog around in one of my favorite forests, putting out the controls for the race I was hosting the next day. I did spend a lit...
GeoForm rankingløp 1 (08-05-2019)
Onsdag 8 Maj 2019
Kategori: Competition
Svensenga (Korsvoll/Brekke)
Lost 30+ seconds on the first control when I ran directly through it without seeing the flag (!), then I ran a slight detour to #3...
Oslo City Cup Finale (07-05-2019)
Tirsdag 7 Maj 2019
Kategori: Competition
Due to business travel to the US I missed out on the last two qualification races so I had to start outside the chasing group. Due...
OBIK P2 / ABIK R1 (02-05-2019)
Torsdag 2 Maj 2019
Kategori: Competition
As usual, a competition run the day after a 20 hour trip over 9 time zones was very tough, but the terrain was quite nice and the ...
Peak-to-peak xc trip in Rauland (19-04-2019)
Fredag 19 April 2019
Kategori: Training
Today I followed the main ski trail into Silkedalen, then decided that I needed a bit more solitude and decided to try to visit al...
OBIK P1 (11-04-2019)
Torsdag 11 April 2019
Kategori: Competition
Third race in as many days, and just 15+ hours since the night race last night meant that my running form was _really_ bad: My Gar...
Ås by Night & Fog Cup Finale (10-04-2019)
Onsdag 10 April 2019
Kategori: Competition
Due to time issues I had to start 15 min before the delayed chase start, which meant that I ran the first two controls in the suns...
Oslo City Cup #2 (09-04-2019)
Tirsdag 9 April 2019
Kategori: Competition
Oppsal Arena
I started too hard on this race and had to pay for it eventually! Won the first two splits, on #3 I had passed Nils Hæstad who st...
Drammen City Cup #1 (04-04-2019)
Torsdag 4 April 2019
Kategori: Competition
Quite boring course but I still lost 15 s on #6 when I didn't see the tiny cliff and the flag, then I lost another 5 s by startin ...
Oslo City Cup #1 (02-04-2019)
Tirsdag 2 April 2019
Kategori: Competition
Grünerløkka, Nydalens SK
Amazed to win! I made what I thought was a huge mistake to the first control, aiming for the wrong side of the river. When I reali...
Ås by Night & Fog Cup  (26-03-2019)
Tirsdag 26 Marts 2019
Kategori: Competition
Horrible start to #1, I think I lost the direction while trying to stay in the areas with less snow. Nearly 2 min lost? OK to #...
Gromløpet (23-03-2019)
Lørdag 23 Marts 2019
Kategori: Competition
Bygdøy, Lillomarka
Close to perfect on the Bygdøy map which I have just extended and updated. My course did not use any of the new areas so I should...
Asker Gate-O (21-03-2019)
Torsdag 21 Marts 2019
Kategori: Competition
OK to #1 & 2, to #3 it was faster to run around the large building instead of climbing through the piles of snow. Transport to ...
Wang Sprint (13-03-2019)
Onsdag 13 Marts 2019
Kategori: Training
3 sprint intervals, with a few minutes rest between each part. Huge mistake on #16 where I misread the description to be on the to...
Fossum Gate-Natt-O (28-02-2019)
Torsdag 28 Februar 2019
Kategori: Competition
I always try to run at least one competition every month in winter, this month I almost didn't make it but Fossum fortunately orga...
Ås by Night & Fog Cup #5 (29-01-2019)
Tirsdag 29 Januar 2019
Kategori: Competition
New personal record: It was -16C when I left the arena parking after the race! I started very early, so that as soon as I left ...
Wessex Night League (14-01-2019)
Mandag 14 Januar 2019
Kategori: Competition
Basingstoke War Memorial Park, Black Dam & Crabtre, BADO
Nice score-O night run while on a business trip: I got 25 of the 29 available controls but misjudged my time quite badly since ...
Tyrving/Asker/Fossum Night Sprint 1 (03-01-2019)
Torsdag 3 Januar 2019
Kategori: Competition
Several technical issues and a skipped control for the first race of 2019: I got a new tiny headlamp for Christmas which I wanted...