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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Nordre Follo Juleløyper (18.12.2019)
Mittwoch 18 Dezember 2019
Kategorie: Training
No markers in the forest, but except for the boulder on #2 which was a block barely separated from a small cliff, it was easy to d...
Ribbe & Loff H60 (14.12.2019)
Samstag 14 Dezember 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Hasle / Sinsen
Pretty good conditions for Helge Gisholt's traditional "long street sprint" race before Christmas, on a brand new map with several...
Veritas Night-O (11.12.2019)
Mittwoch 11 Dezember 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Last Night-O race of the Veritas season, ran with my son all the way because he had forgotten his EMIT card. This might have slowe...
Ås by Night & Fog Cup Enebakk (10.12.2019)
Strange race! I started early so I could break trail in the snow, hit the first two controls more or less OK, then I spotted some ...
Veritas Natt (27.11.2019)
Mittwoch 27 November 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Koll-hytta/Sognsvann Øst
Won the split to #1, then it went downhill from there: The direct route to #2 was far slower than going north to the ski track an...
Hike to the Flatirons above Boulder (22.11.2019)
Freitag 22 November 2019
Kategorie: Training
Colorado, USA
Very nice hike with Eistein and Ingerid, in about 5cm of fresh snow. We followed the serpentine trails up the hillside between Fla...
Veritas Night-O (13.11.2019)
Mittwoch 13 November 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Way too many mistakes, mostly due to the light drizzle which made it hard to read the map with orienteering glasses: I tended to j...
Veritas Night race (30.10.2019)
Mittwoch 30 Oktober 2019
Kategorie: Competition
First full speed run/race since the middle of August, I ran in the softest running shoe Nike makes, which meant a few bad spills s...
Harry Lagert 4 Lokal (16.10.2019)
My foot is very slowly getting better, so now I'm running once a week, but I am extremely rusty after 2 months of enforced rest. ...
Fränkel's Kanna (21.09.2019)
Samstag 21 September 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Vestila, Asker
Yes, I can run again, at least in the forest! This was my first attempt to run since the middle of August and even though I had so...
Kjentmannstur til KP17 og 19 (27.08.2019)
Dienstag 27 August 2019
Kategorie: Training
Damtjern, Gunnar Halden
We were 9 friends gathered for this trip to two of the fixed controls in Nordmarka: The first stop was just above KP17, the res...
WOC Public race 5 H60 (16.08.2019)
Freitag 16 August 2019
Kategorie: Competition
livelox I ran Night Hawk while sick, then I got injured as well during that race, so this was the only WOC public race I attended...
Night Hawk Men - Team 60 KW Mathisen (10.08.2019)
Samstag 10 August 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Grorud, Lillomarka
To celebrate my brother Knut turning 60, we entered a special family team for this 8-leg relay. I had been slightly sick for a we...
Stolpejakt with Fredrik - on bike (04.08.2019)
Sonntag 4 August 2019
Kategorie: Training
We parked near the south end of the map, just off Isegran and control #53. I had previously visited the 4 controls on the island s...
Skjærgårdscup 3 (31.07.2019)
Mittwoch 31 Juli 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Sildevika, Egil W. Iversen
3rd and last O+BBQ combo night and I made a nearly perfect race.
Skjærgårdscup 2 (30.07.2019)
Dienstag 30 Juli 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Røsholmen, Eirik Tandrevold
Comparisons on The last two days was spent preparing for an...
WOC Long Training course (27.07.2019)
Samstag 27 Juli 2019
Kategorie: Training
Gillingsrød / Råde, Fredrikstad SK
I created the new base map for this refresh of the Gillingsrød map, so when I saw that Tom A. Karlsen (the WOC Long course planne...
Checking the map and possible control placements (23.07.2019)
Dienstag 23 Juli 2019
Kategorie: Training
Vikerhavn / Asmaløy
Svabergsprinten went very well last Saturday, now I'm getting ready for the next event here, Skjærgårdscupen which I'm hosting o...
WOC Test race - D21 Norway course (07.07.2019)
Sonntag 7 Juli 2019
Kategorie: Training
I ran through the D21 course an hour after the last lady, this meant that I got a severe rain storm just before I started which me...
Veritas sommer 2 (02.07.2019)
Dienstag 2 Juli 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Forgot to use my gps watch, so hand-drawn track! I shadowed Richard Zeiner-Gundersen to the first control, he ran nicely to #1 ...
O-Festivalen H60 Long (30.06.2019)
Sonntag 30 Juni 2019
Kategorie: Competition
I always try to win the first split but today that might have been my worst control: I changed my mind about the route to take sev...
O-Festivalen H60 Middle (29.06.2019)
Samstag 29 Juni 2019
Kategorie: Competition
A good race under tough conditions, very glad to repeat my win from last year. Very interesting orienteering, the veteran classes ...
Veritas Sommerløp (26.06.2019)
Mittwoch 26 Juni 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Tried to use this race as a high intensity session before O-Festivalen this coming weekend, so I intentionally pushed hard enough ...
OBIK P13 (25.06.2019)
Dienstag 25 Juni 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Ringnesmarka, Thales
Good start to #1, run to where the ridge starts to go down, then cross the valley and climb up between the cliffs before contourin...
Extreme contour-only orienteering (20.06.2019)
Donnerstag 20 Juni 2019
Kategorie: Training
Sognsvann, Anders Nordberg
The rule for this training was (a) no backup map before or during the run, (b) cut the map in a circle, so removing all edge direc...
Geoform (19.06.2019)
Mittwoch 19 Juni 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Sognsvann Vest
Very tired after a nearly 50km MTB/foot trip in Nordmarka last evening, my right knee was painful all day but I hoped that a fores...
Jukola (15.06.2019)
Samstag 15 Juni 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Strecke 5|Ergebnisse
I ate a Finnish Makkara (grilled sausage) late at night, I really should not have done that since I had to make three stops in the...
Donnerstag 13 Juni 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Traning run with my son: He carried the map & compass, I just glanced at it at every control and then tried to run on map memory. ...
Comfort-løpet (12.06.2019)
Mittwoch 12 Juni 2019
Kategorie: Competition
This was supposed to be a "comfortable" event, with course planning that allowed us to run everywhere, that only lasted until the ...
OBIK P10 (11.06.2019)
Dienstag 11 Juni 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Rælingen, Østmarka OK
I took this race as a recovery event after the competition in Kongsberg yesterday: Steady orienteering but no pushing the speed. ...
Pinseløpet dag 3 - H60 (10.06.2019)
Montag 10 Juni 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Lurdalen, Kongsberg
This race went more or less as planned/expected: I managed a pretty much error-free race except for getting stuck between the clif...
Vesterøy hike with friends (25.05.2019)
Nice loop, perfect weather allowed us to really appreciate the wonderful rock slabs surrounding this part of the Vesterøy Island....
Group hike to 6 black fixed controls (15.05.2019)
Another nice hike, this time in much flatter terrain than yesterday. The 6 fixed controls were supposed to be difficult or hard to...
Kjentmannspost 2 Blåfjell (14.05.2019)
Dienstag 14 Mai 2019
Kategorie: Training
Group hike to the permanent control on Blåfjell: 3 hours total, 2 hours 10 min in motion and 50 min total rest including about 35...
Knut Valstads Minneløp H60 (12.05.2019)
Sonntag 12 Mai 2019
Kategorie: Competition
My best race this year, almost perfect? Very easy start, I just ran along the path until I saw the opening under the power line...
15-Stafetten NSK 2 (11.05.2019)
Samstag 11 Mai 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Strecke 1A
First leg with about 100 competitors around me, I started most probably too hard by being in the leading group up to the top of th...
OBIK P3 putting out the controls (08.05.2019)
Mittwoch 8 Mai 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Walk/jog around in one of my favorite forests, putting out the controls for the race I was hosting the next day. I did spend a lit...
GeoForm rankingløp 1 (08.05.2019)
Mittwoch 8 Mai 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Svensenga (Korsvoll/Brekke)
Lost 30+ seconds on the first control when I ran directly through it without seeing the flag (!), then I ran a slight detour to #3...
Oslo City Cup Finale (07.05.2019)
Dienstag 7 Mai 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Due to business travel to the US I missed out on the last two qualification races so I had to start outside the chasing group. Due...
OBIK P2 / ABIK R1 (02.05.2019)
Donnerstag 2 Mai 2019
Kategorie: Competition
As usual, a competition run the day after a 20 hour trip over 9 time zones was very tough, but the terrain was quite nice and the ...
Peak-to-peak xc trip in Rauland (19.04.2019)
Freitag 19 April 2019
Kategorie: Training
Today I followed the main ski trail into Silkedalen, then decided that I needed a bit more solitude and decided to try to visit al...
OBIK P1 (11.04.2019)
Donnerstag 11 April 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Third race in as many days, and just 15+ hours since the night race last night meant that my running form was _really_ bad: My Gar...
Ås by Night & Fog Cup Finale (10.04.2019)
Mittwoch 10 April 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Due to time issues I had to start 15 min before the delayed chase start, which meant that I ran the first two controls in the suns...
Oslo City Cup #2 (09.04.2019)
Dienstag 9 April 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Oppsal Arena
I started too hard on this race and had to pay for it eventually! Won the first two splits, on #3 I had passed Nils Hæstad who st...
Drammen City Cup #1 (04.04.2019)
Donnerstag 4 April 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Quite boring course but I still lost 15 s on #6 when I didn't see the tiny cliff and the flag, then I lost another 5 s by startin ...
Oslo City Cup #1 (02.04.2019)
Dienstag 2 April 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Grünerløkka, Nydalens SK
Amazed to win! I made what I thought was a huge mistake to the first control, aiming for the wrong side of the river. When I reali...
Ås by Night & Fog Cup  (26.03.2019)
Horrible start to #1, I think I lost the direction while trying to stay in the areas with less snow. Nearly 2 min lost? OK to #...
Gromløpet (23.03.2019)
Samstag 23 März 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Bygdøy, Lillomarka
Close to perfect on the Bygdøy map which I have just extended and updated. My course did not use any of the new areas so I should...
Asker Gate-O (21.03.2019)
Donnerstag 21 März 2019
Kategorie: Competition
OK to #1 & 2, to #3 it was faster to run around the large building instead of climbing through the piles of snow. Transport to ...
Wang Sprint (13.03.2019)
Mittwoch 13 März 2019
Kategorie: Training
3 sprint intervals, with a few minutes rest between each part. Huge mistake on #16 where I misread the description to be on the to...
Fossum Gate-Natt-O (28.02.2019)
Donnerstag 28 Februar 2019
Kategorie: Competition
I always try to run at least one competition every month in winter, this month I almost didn't make it but Fossum fortunately orga...
Ås by Night & Fog Cup #5 (29.01.2019)
Dienstag 29 Jänner 2019
Kategorie: Competition
New personal record: It was -16C when I left the arena parking after the race! I started very early, so that as soon as I left ...
Wessex Night League (14.01.2019)
Montag 14 Jänner 2019
Kategorie: Competition
Basingstoke War Memorial Park, Black Dam & Crabtre, BADO
Nice score-O night run while on a business trip: I got 25 of the 29 available controls but misjudged my time quite badly since ...
Tyrving/Asker/Fossum Night Sprint 1 (03.01.2019)
Several technical issues and a skipped control for the first race of 2019: I got a new tiny headlamp for Christmas which I wanted...