OBIK P16 Tærudhallen (12/08/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Tærudtjenna
Organiser: FFI
Distance: 4.66 km
Time: 44:13
Average HR: 151
Maximum HR: 169
On the slow path to recovery:

I have to tape the injured ankle very heavily, and seek out micro route choices which lets me see the ground as much as possible, in order to avoid miss-steps, but this was a small improvement on the last attempt in Sildevika!

OK to the first control and good route choice (at least in my current condition) to #2, but as I approached the control my significantly reduced running speed messed up my distance estimation, so I stopped too soon and started looking for the control. I should just have gone on along the compass direction! Lost a minute+ here.

The route to #3 was very good even if torrential rains the night before had turned all the marches into proper swamps. The bright red dot after 70% of the leg is the point where I got stuck in the mud and almost lost my shoe while trying to get up again.

Good route to #4, OK to #5.

On #6 I hit an unmarked path just before the control circle, and since the yellow screen on the map marks what used to be a freshly logged area when the map was surveyed in 2008, it was quite dense now. In combination with the same distance estimation problems as I had on #2 this caused me to pass just off to the side of the control without seeing that the reentrant was between me and the power line. Lost 2-2.5 min here.

Getting safely down the hill to the last control and the finish cost me another minute+ compared to my competitors with two working legs.

The main thing is that I didn't have any particular problems after the run and when I'm writing this the next morning the ankle is stiff but not painfully so. :-)
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OBIK P16 Tærudhallen (12/08/2014) OBIK P16 Tærudhallen (12/08/2014)