Sierra 3-day at Truckee: Middle distance H50 (09/09/2011)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Little Truckee Summit
Organiser: BAOC
Much better than yesterday! (I forgot to start my gps, so the track is drawn by hand.)

The 1st control was at the end of an indistinct open area, but since the forest is so open in general, and the control flags used were rather sun-bleached, I just didn't see it on my first attempt. I relocated when I saw the large boulder below me and ran up again.

Lost about 45 s.

Nr 2 was relatively easy, just run down to the track, find the ride junction and attack from there.

For nr 3 I just counted paces while using the contours to keep the proper direction.

Nr 4 was ok, it might have been faster to drop down and run alongside the hill, in order to avoid the boulder field down to the control.

Towards 5 I climbed the hillside, touched the path and ran alongside the open area to the control.

I missed 45-50 s on nr 6 because I didn't agree with the mapper about where the edge of the open area was located, I felt that I kept such a distance that I should have hit it.

Ok to 7

After climbing up the open area towards 8 I didn't know exactly where I had crossed the path, so I decided to run until I saw the creek and then follow that into the flag.

Nr 9 was very good, high speed all the way to the flag on the back side of the boulder.

To nr 10 I saw a flag somewhere on the ride going uphill, but I didn't manage to figure out exactly which detail it was supposed to be located on, so I lost some time here. 10-15 s hesitation.

Nr 11 was the worst miss of the day, nearly 1:30 due to misreading the boulder clusters: I believed I crossed between them, just below the line, but I was instead on the other side, and this meant that I never saw the beginning of the reentrant which held the control.

I recovered when I saw the same boulder as I used on the first control!

I finally lost 10-15 s on the last control simply because I hadn't checked it out before the start, and it was located almost inside the vendor area!

27:04 on 3km, 9:01 min/km. Total time loss was about 2:30
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Sierra 3-day at Truckee: Middle distance H50 (09/09/2011)