Corona selftiming (22/11/2020)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Solemskogen
Organiser: Lillomarka
Distance: 5.31 km
Time: 50:46
Average HR: 149
Maximum HR: 178
A very nice initiative by EMIT and Lillomarka, using touch-free EmiTag timing they have created a semi-permanent course that can be tried at any time over a 2-week period. There are EMIT touch-free training controls (which use replaceable batteries and don't need to be stopped and restarted at regular intervals). At the finish line at the sports club cabin they had a control at the corner of said cabin and the tag reader taped to the inside of the window so that when I just held my tag up to the indicated spot on the window I could see that my race had been recorded, along with the time and current position in class. Very nice!

I ran quite well to the first 3 controls, but when crossing the creek halfway to #4 I slipped and nearly fell into a pool but managed to stay semi-dry. I did hit the stop button on my watch at this point, soemthing I didn't realize until found #4 after first missing it due to some unmapped cliffs below the one of the map.

I decided to climb up to the path and avoid the slippery moss/bulder/scree below #4, this was probably a good choice and it gave me time to take good compass bearing from the end of the path to the control which I hit absolutely perfectly, i.e. when I arrived by the edge of the cliff the flag was directly below me. :-)

To #6 I intentionally ran a little bit high since I realized that this would either let me see the control reentrant or the path. I actually spotted both of them, along with the flag 30m down to the right, at the same moment.

Very happy with #7 when I managed to run all the way, including the steep and slippery path.

OK to #8 & 9 but then I got hit by some stomach cramps (possibly due to overdoing it up to #7?) and had to stop for 2-3 minutes.

I recovered more or less but had some issues locating the exact placement of the last three flags.
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Corona selftiming (22/11/2020) Corona selftiming (22/11/2020)