Veritas Natt (16/11/2020)
Category: Training
Map/area: Bogstad
Distance: 6.24 km
Time: 62:11
Average HR: 149
Maximum HR: 182
Covid training instead of competition: I ran with a map light (emergency head lamp) just as the sun was setting which made it significantly harder because the reflex markers were far less visible, but only on #10 did this cause a large problem:
OK to #1 (very easy) hit #2 but did not spot the marker so I just verified that I was in the right spot before continuing. At this point the all-day drizzle changed into a torrential downpour, so that I got soaked through 3 layers immediately.
Marker issue on #3 as well, but it was obvious that I was in the right spot so I ran on and found #4 nicely. Tricky running on extremly sloppery moss-clad rocks halfway to #5, then on the way down to the control I would probably have drawn a small cliff.
OK to #6, a small detour around a green thicket into #7, ok to #8 and perfect hit on #9 which hung on the back side of the root of a fallen tree.
From here #10 was just 120m of contour running, just past a small stream. I ran this pretty much perfectly but the mapped stream was actually smaller than several unmapped ones I crossed during the race so I ignored it before passing just a few meters away from the control. When I saw the path I knew that I was too far so I tried to return, passed it again and still didn't realize where the stream was. At this point I punted, ran back to #9 and restarted the leg with full compass bearing plus pace counting plus contour, which is when I first understood that the very narrow (15-cm wide) flood seep had to be the one on the map, and this time I found the marker, partly helped by the fact that it was quickly turning fully dark. Time loss = 6 min!
More or less OK to the remaining controls, I could have finished more directly towards #13 but it was easier to ascend along the small path,
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Veritas Natt (16/11/2020) Veritas Natt (16/11/2020)