AOOK Sprint training (08/11/2020)
Category: Training
Map/area: Tøyen
Distance: 3.93 km
Time: 38:42
Average HR: 152
Maximum HR: 176
Ran this county sprint training course with my son, no control markers so I spent a second or two extra in a few places to make sure was in the right spot.

I believe I took optimal routes to nearly all the controls: To #6 I could have crossed the raod on the crossing point just past the street corner leading down to the control, but this had to be within 5 sec.

I could have gone left to #8 but that would have been longer.

#12 was where I took the longer route in order to avoid the long staircase, to #14 doing a 180 degree turn at #13 and then passing thorugh 14 might have been a few seconds faster.

I also hesitated a few seconds under the canopy at #16.
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AOOK Sprint training (08/11/2020) AOOK Sprint training (08/11/2020)