NSK home camp (07/11/2020)
Category: Training
Map/area: Movann
Organiser: Kenneth Buch
Distance: 4.35 km
Time: 51:04
Average HR: 134
Maximum HR: 175
Very nice training event designed by a former nationalo team coach, in tough (i.e. very steep) terrain, but wonderful runnable forest and great orienteering.

Unfortunately, I had to start quite late in the day (15:12), so by the time I had made it to #4 I considered turning back immediately but took a chance and picked up two more controls, but missed out on the only flat area on the course.

My only serious mistake was turning too far right near the end and touching the indistinct stream just before #12, before that I had failed to hit the short path segment that would have provided a faster route through the green 3/4 into leg #3.

I'm quite happy that I managed quite a bit of good direction running, even on the legs where I intentionally aimed a bit to the side to get faster terrain. The leg from 10 to 11 was very nice and the next to 12 was simply wonderful: Tall spruce forest with mossy ground cover and not too many fallen trees or branches. :-)
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NSK home camp (07/11/2020) NSK home camp (07/11/2020)