Veritas Natt (04/11/2020)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kalvøya
Distance: 4.12 km
Time: 31:50
Average HR: 140
Maximum HR: 159
Fast start to #1, ok route to #2 but some hesitation before I located the control, ok to #3, 4 & 5, probably optimal routes to #6 & 7, then I went left to #8 which I found after 10-15 s hesitation on top of the hill to determine where I was.

OK to #9 & 10, but on my way to #11 I spotted another control (on the boulder) and lost 20-30 s. OK to #12, but then I should have repeated my route to #8 instead of deciding to go right to get some variation.

Last year I had a similar route around the wet bay to #14, at that time I took the seaside path and got extremely we3t & cold, so now I ran around which probably cost me another 20 s.

#15 was OK, but then I made huge mistake inside the circle on #16 where the ground was covered with dense prickly bushes, according to my GPS I must have passed within a few meters of the reflex marker without spotting it, so I had to bail out to the road and then go back in again, this cost me almost 2 min!
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Veritas Natt (04/11/2020) Veritas Natt (04/11/2020)