FSK Postplukkmesterskap (01/11/2020)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Skihytta
Distance: 6.56 km
Time: 58:53
Average HR: 158
Maximum HR: 179
Fun race format: 1 hour to pick up as many controls as possible, with 6 points/control for H21 and then increasing points/control for all the other classes so that in theory eveyone should have a chance of a good result. In H60 I got 9 p/c which was enough to lift me to 8th place overall with just 14 of the 26 controls collected. I started going downhill west to #33, then made a counter-clockwise round. I missed 2 min on my 7th control (#32) which forced me to reconsider my remaining plans: I could either have gone north around the field after #44 in order to pick up #35, or I would have had time to include #40 & 42 either before or after #45, but with that mistake I would have returned too late.
OTOH, with just 3 min penalty per minute, grabbing those two southern controls would almost certainly have taken me much less than six extra minutes and therefore gaining a few places on the result list.
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FSK Postplukkmesterskap (01/11/2020) FSK Postplukkmesterskap (01/11/2020)