Geoform (24/10/2020)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Slettfjell
Organiser: Stig Hultgren Karlsen
Distance: 5.15 km
Time: 50:58
Average HR: 154
Maximum HR: 182
Good orienteering but lost too much time to technical issues and some hesitation.

OK to #1, hesitated along the hillside into #2, ran pefect to #3 but then I thought the hanging dot knoll arrived too soon and ran around it on the lower side so I had to climb up from the north, this was probably 10-15 s.

Much more serious was the fact that my fairly new EmiTag which should still be under warranty refused to punch at this control, I tried multiple times, then I had to test if the control had been powered off so I held the button for 10+ seconds, but I got the power-off blink pattern so I had to press another 10 s to turn it on again. In total I lost about 1:15 on this.

OK to #4, found a perfect track through the forest leading to the path shown near the north end of the leg.

Near perfect to #5, I just had to crawl up the steep & slippery hillside.

#6 was almost zero orienteering, just fowllow the obvious line all the way to the control.

I aimed off to #7, this worked nicely but I was a bit suprised when the entire area below the cliff was a lake, I had to stay on the hill side of this pond.

My route to #8 was OK but it would have been faster to stay on the ledge all the way to the path, then traverse up the hillside to the control from there. I got some stomach cramps about halfway and had to stop for half a minute or so.

I considered going down left along the indistinct path after 1/3 of the leg to #9 but it looked both rocky and slippery so I went over the hill instead, but when I hit th ebig path it was probably even worse. I did hit the control perfectly though.

#10 was my worst control, i.e. my route was OK but I had to stop three times and lost 2-3 minutes.

Good line to the last control but I lost 10-15 s because the flag was hanging on the back of a thick spruce tree where I could not see it until I started going further west. 15 s?
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Geoform (24/10/2020) Geoform (24/10/2020)