Skumringskampen (19/10/2020)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Dikemark
Organiser: Asker SK
Distance: 4.04 km
Time: 37:41
Average HR: 132
Maximum HR: 152
Best night-O in a long time!
I have made so many horrible mistakes lately that I decided to prioritize orienteering this time.

Easy start to #1, then I considered going around on the big path to #2 but wanted more difficult orienteering so I tried to go straight through the dense forest and was very happy when I hit it perfectly.

Same plan to #3 but this time I had a much better attack point where the indistinct path turned into the valley, found it easily from there.

#4 was my worst control, my plan was to find the path from the south end of the open end of the first knoll, but as soon as I climbed past the initial cliffs I came into a logging area, this made it very difficult to see where the path started and I ended up by climbing down and up again past some big & slippery rocks. This cost me at least half a minute.

OK to #5, perfect to #6.

I did the first part to #7 exactly as planned and found a nice point to cross over to the big path going north-west. Halfway there I considered taking the path left over the small hills thne climb it a couple of contours before running flat over to the control. I believe this would have been faster but I thought it would be much safer to run directly up the hill which worked out OK.

OK routes & execution to the last few controls, my worst split placement was from the last control to the finish.
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Skumringskampen (19/10/2020) Skumringskampen (19/10/2020)