Østfoldsprinten løp 2 (18/10/2020)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Fredriksten Festning
Distance: 3.04 km
Time: 21:16
Average HR: 152
Maximum HR: 168
I ran past #10 without stamping the control, so DSQ. I was in very good company though, since 4 out of 14 runners in H50 got the same result, probably all like me, i.e. too hard to read the map when we get the same scale as H21.

Otherwise the terrain is simply fantastic for this type of sprint O. :-)

The first serious route choice was to #8 where I decided to go down, this cost me 19 s vs Sigurd Dæhli who lead the race at this point. Up to #7 we had been neck & neck, with me 1 or 2 seconds behind him on the splits.

#10 was a bad route choice, I should have gone down towards #8 instead of going around the first uphill building, but then I failed to punch.

I found the shortcut stairs up to #11, but then I either hesitated too much to #12 or the S route with a left bend at the second half was faster even though it seemed like too much climb.

#13 was me only navigation error, running around one building too much, I lost 40 s on this control.

I had a very good stretch to #14, 15 & 16, winning all the splits.

I changed my mind to #17, should have gone left into the labyrinth as I originally planned, but executed the next short run to #18 well.

Down to #19 was slow due to the round cobblestones which were very painful to run on with my Inov-8 X-Talon 190s.
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Østfoldsprinten løp 2 (18/10/2020) Østfoldsprinten løp 2 (18/10/2020)