FSK Klubbmesterskap (17/10/2020)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kråkerøy
Distance: 5.9 km
Time: 50:14
Average HR: 159
Maximum HR: 196
I guess I was lucky by being the only starter in the 55-65 year old category, allowing me to win by default. :-(

I ran OK to the first two controls, including a bit of rock climbing to get up the small cliff below the cabin about 100m before #2.

My route to #3 was obvious, I was going to run fairly straight but then lean a bit left near the end so that I would spot the green/stony reentrant below me, something I failed to do when I thought I had crossed the marsh land too far north and corrected too much. Lost 2 min here according to the GPS track. :-(

Not perfect but more or less OK to #4.

My plan for #5 was slightly left down to the big path, but by constantly making micro route choices for better runnability I ended up too fra right and finally came down on a partly unmapped path which I just followed until I got back on the main path system. Next I was going to contour around the hill along the index contour, but here I also ended up following the easiest running routes, got too high and then I hit a row of cliffs (where I make a short right turn) believing it to be the one on my map. SInce everything fit except for not finding the control I checked all the small knolls in the area until I finally tried further down and found it, after 2.5 minutes!

After these two disasters I realized that I had to take maximally safe routes for the rest of the race, and that worked better, but I did end up with a pretty bad final time of 50:12, corresponding to 11 min/km. :-(
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FSK Klubbmesterskap (17/10/2020) FSK Klubbmesterskap (17/10/2020)