KM Østfold Sprint H60 (11/10/2020)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Moss
Distance: 3.41 km
Time: 23:14
Average HR: 144
Maximum HR: 162
Very nice race until the third last control, then disasters on the two last controls, but I still won since my closest competitors made very similar mistakes in the same area!

Clear split wins to the #1, 2 & 3, then I hesitated a bit into #4 where I didn't see the flag and dropped 5 s to Richard Zeiner-Gundersen who ended up in 3rd place today.

It might have been faster to go straight and left through the light green to #5 (it had been moved due to construction work), I was 6 s slower than Kjell Einar Andersen, but he has always been a fast runner.

I started a good period here, winning all the splits from #6 to #10, even though it might have been faster to run the road west to the first of the 4 big buildings, then take the path uphill to begin with since that initial part with green stony (moss-clad boulders) ground was very slow. OTOH, my rock climbing background probably helped since I won the leg by almost 20 seconds.

The final part is very embarrasing, as soon as I left #10 and got onto the dirt road my concentration disappeared, so that I first stopped too early, realized that it was too early and went on, then turned back once more. I lost 45-50 s here.

Leaving #11 I misread the map as showing a legal route to the right of the olive green, but when I finally got down to the road I checked more closely and realized that the impassable fence left no gap at all before the olive green, so I had to turn back and run all the way around to the left. I believe I lost nearly 2 minutes here, so a clean run would have been about 20:45 instead of 23:14.
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KM Østfold Sprint H60 (11/10/2020) KM Østfold Sprint H60 (11/10/2020)