Harry Lagerts Nattcup #2 (23/09/2020)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Låkeberget
Organiser: NSK
Distance: 4.75 km
Time: 41:49
Average HR: 145
Maximum HR: 168
A pretty awful race, but still a nice night in the forest. :-)

OK to #1, then a compass direction to #2, a direction I obviously lost completely as soon as I hit a dense spot of vegetation. I recovered from this as soon as I took another glance at my compass, but with no idea of how far I had weered off.

#3 was more of the same; bad direction caused me to start searching too soon, in hte wrong area, then to #4 I failed to spot several of the path junctions, so as I realized I was to the left I just had to keep going, but then I passed the final path down to the right without seeing it so in the end I had to cut right by feel alone and was lucky enough to hit it perfectly. :-)

OK to #5 and #6, then on #7 I passed by less than 5 m from the flag/reflex without seeing it.

OK to #8, started searching too far up the hill for #9, ok to #10, then I failed to see the flag east of the little knoll when I was standing on it and lost more time on #11.

So basically I messed up on about 50% of the controls.
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Harry Lagerts Nattcup #2 (23/09/2020) Harry Lagerts Nattcup #2 (23/09/2020)