Veteranmesterskapet H60 Middle (06/09/2020)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Bermingrud
Distance: 4.29 km
Time: 32:59
Average HR: 154
Maximum HR: 175
Middle distance on the WOC '78 terrain, with the original course planner (Morten Berglia) made for a much more enjoyable than yesterday. I started well (best split to #1 & to #3) and ran a more or less unblemished race except for the 5th control where I allowed an unmapped path to completely destroy my concentration: When that path hit the logged field to my right instead of on the left as planned, I first stopped completely, then I started searching in the wrong area before finally finding the control after losing 1:55 to the winner, Soren Jonsson. Since I was just 1:34 behind him, this was the spot where I lost the championship and instead ended up in 4th place after Morten Due and my good friend Egil Iversen.
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Veteranmesterskapet H60 Middle (06/09/2020) Veteranmesterskapet H60 Middle (06/09/2020)