Veteranmesterskapet Lang H60 (05/09/2020)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Bermingrud / Hokksund
Distance: 7.59 km
Time: 56:50
Average HR: 152
Maximum HR: 178
I slept really bad all week before this race, this did not improve my already bad shape.
Before starting I heard from the earliest starters that many paths had been hard to spot and/or follow so I did not freak out when I never saw my intended path to #1, instead I went on to the larger one, but I still lost about half a minute.

#2 was a really well hidden pit, as my track log shows I was going in exactly the right direction but when I didn't see anything I looked left and saw a control in a depression, this turned out to be the small pond. Lost a minute here.

I was worried about the route I chose to #4, particularly when I hit the road I noticed that I barely pass veteran women, but except for messing up a bit in the rocks and cliffs just west of the 'T' hill, my route must have been OK since I didn't lose that much to most runners except Tore Kjølseth who lead the race from start to #9, he won this split by nearly two minutes (!) supposedly running the same route that I did.

Leaving #3 I knew the way back to #4, so this was my one and only split time win today. At this point I saw my clubmate Sören Jonsson who had started 3 min after me and almost caught up.
I messed up quite a bit crossing the road to #5 because I could not work out where I was! I left the road in the correct spot, except I never saw the path that was supposed to be there. I recovered a little bit later, but at this point Sören had passed me.

OK to #6 and perfect flow to #7 where Sören turned up again after first running to the area around #8, but when he returned he cliimbed uphill while I went flat and passed him again.

I had a compass direction to #9, I intended to repeat the 6-7 direction running but this time I went too far left, realized this by the end of the marsh and turned right while Sören was even further left than me.

If the paths had been normal then it would probably have been best to start SE to the hill with path above #9 and then take the right-hand route but I believe my choice here was OK except for losing the path several time after the road crossing. This was the control where Tore K missed 5+ minutes and let my brother Knut take over the lead and winning the race nearly two minutes in front of Sören.

In the end I got the 8th position, but I was just 39 seconds from the podium!
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Veteranmesterskapet Lang H60 (05/09/2020) Veteranmesterskapet Lang H60 (05/09/2020)