OBIK P20 (27/08/2020)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Østernvannsvingen
Distance: 4.74 km
Time: 40:36
Average HR: 151
Maximum HR: 175
I lost half a minute to the first control because I thought I could cross the creek at any point SE of where it is drawn with black edge lines, but in reality the deep part goes all the way to where I crossed.
My route to #2 lost some time in the open yellow which was quite hard to cross, either going above or below it would have been faster, here I lost 50 s to the best split.

I saw an unmapped path that contoured along the hillside, but where I crossed the largest valley I managed to hit the bould/block field: Here it would also have been faster to either go above or (probably best) drop down underneath the cliffs and run downhill/flat all the way to the control. Lost half a minute here.

I had forgotten my compass today, so halfway to #4 I could not check which of the many paths were mapped and ended up north of the obvious route. 17 s behind here.

Good flow to #5, back to #3/6 and #7, I won all these splits.

My route to the last control was quite bad, I should have taken the big track and then the path across the creek and then stayed in the white forest instead of taken the path that dropped down into the logged field. I lost a minute here.

In the end I was nr 3, 1:20 behind Richard Zeiner-Gundersen who won, 12 s ahead of Rune Teigland in second place.
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OBIK P20 (27/08/2020) OBIK P20 (27/08/2020)