Geoform (26/08/2020)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Lutvann
Organiser: OSI
Distance: 3.59 km
Time: 35:31
Average HR: 144
Maximum HR: 170
Two events the same evening meant that I had to run the short course here, this still took enough time that I had run all the way back to my car in order to make it (more or less) to my second appointment (9mm Glock pistol training).

I lost the initial path almost at once, this probably cost me half a minute or so to the first control even though I hit it very nicely.

Good flow & direction to #2, I'm just running far too slowly in this very nice terrain.

I found the vegetation border before #3 and hit it OK, but my track log shows that the boulder is probably somewhat badly drawn: In reality it is located ~15m further north.

Leaving #3 I started orienteering from #4 but recovered shortly after I hit the path, this was pure luck. I still lost 1.5 min to the best split.

OK to #5.

Full control all the way to the huge boulder above #6 but then I passed just over it without seeing the elongated small knoll. Lost 45+ seconds (?) here.

I made #7 more complicated than I needed to, either staying low all the way or keeping to the line might both have been faster.

Similar issue downhill halfway to #8 where I should have just stayed on the main path.

Total time loss around 2.5 to 3 min? This strange season means that I am still April-level rusty even though we're near the end of August.
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Geoform (26/08/2020) Geoform (26/08/2020)