FSK Thursday training race (20/08/2020)
Category: Training
Map/area: Torsnes
Distance: 3.44 km
Time: 30:29
Average HR: 141
Maximum HR: 161
I made the first control a lot more complicated than it needed, I should have gone more left, found the path halfway, run to the corner of the felled area and then up.

Good flow to#2, the steep hillside provided a very obvious catch zone.

Compass direction perpendicular to the contours to #3

Very easy direction running to #4 & #5, on the latter the hillside was a huge aiming point.

#6 looked like the hardest control, but simple direction running to the final flat area with the ditches provided a great catcher area, making it easy to correct into the control.

#7 was my worst mistake, I entered the green marshland north of the line instead of just under it like I had planned, so when I hit the first ditch I was looking for the bend, then I thought there was another short ditch just underneath the control circle so I cut across, hit the second ditch believeing it to be the one I wanted, then I followed this to the end before realizing where I was. 35-40 seconds?

I'm pretty sure my route to #8 was optimal.

As my track log colors show, there was a patch in the open green stripes towards #9 which was quite hard to cross, so it might have been faster to go south/right and avoid it all, passing through #1 before hitting the power line just before the road.
I did not spot the little streamer on the control when I ran past it, but when I turned around 25-30m later I realized that I had already been there so I turned downhill and ran to the finish.

Almost 10 min/km means that I need a lot more terrain running!
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FSK Thursday training race (20/08/2020) FSK Thursday training race (20/08/2020)