Relay interval training (18/08/2020)
Category: Training
Map/area: Rørfjell
Organiser: FSK
Distance: 5.33 km
Time: 54:13
Average HR: 142
Maximum HR: 172
Very nice relay training with the FSK guys and girls, I ran most of this training against one of the FSK veterans which provided more than enough pressure.

The first third of the first leg we followed a new path leading down to a fireplace/camp site with an open-front bivuaq, then everything became much harder to read since I did not know how far we had made it along that new path, but I still hit my control more or less OK after some hesiitation in the indistinct marshes.

Pretty good flow all the way to #2.

Restart to #3 where I stopped one ridge too soon because it was completely open so I thought I had already arrived in the open control area. Lost 15-20 s?
OK to #4 & 5.
For the leg to #6 I had the same control as the FSK runner so we agreed that he would go direct (which I believed to be fastest, then I would try to take the path and cross over. We did arrive more or less at the same time on top of the first cliff line, except I thought I was already by the control so I lost 30-45 s here.
On #7 I had the southern control, I never saw the other even though I must have passed more or less directly over it.
I believe the path system up to #8 is badly drawn, my track log looks the way I experienced it while running, even though I haven't adjusted it.

I did see the other #10 without figuring out exactly where it was located but still hit my own pretty good. At this point I had agreed with my FSK friend that we would take a shortcut to #14 since the training was long enough.
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Relay interval training (18/08/2020) Relay interval training (18/08/2020)