Svabergsprinten (02/08/2020)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Vikerhavn
Distance: 3.9 km
Time: 25:04
Average HR: 152
Maximum HR: 167
This was my second run on my own course, on my first attempt I lost my map when swimming across the first sound toward 6 and had to go (swim) back for it.

It is almost impossible to exactly retrace a route in this terrain, there are just too many micro-route choices, but I believe this run is close to optimal. The main open question is for the second bay on the route to #8 where a strong swimmer would possibly gain a few seconds by swimming across instead of going almost all the way around like I did.
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Svabergsprinten (02/08/2020) Svabergsprinten (02/08/2020)