Fjelløpet i Vinje dag 2 (19/07/2020)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Hovdenut
Organiser: Porsgrunn O-Lag
Distance: 4.47 km
Time: 40:22
Average HR: 147
Maximum HR: 175
Slightly better result than yesterday, but almost 5 min behind Arve Glittum who I have fought tooth and nail with for 50+ years (we grew up in neigboring clubs, POL & Bamble) is at least 4 min too much.

I orienteered pretty well, with better running form I would have gone direct to #1 but it was OK to take most of the climb on the narrow path today and I lost less than half a minute to the leg winner.

My route to #2 was quite good, it might have been a few seconds faster to avoid the two obvious reentrants before the control by leaving the big march a bit further east. 20 sec behind here.

I lost over a minute to #3 where I started towards #6 in order to avoid some climb, but this forced me to cross the river in a bad spot so I lost some time due to this. My friend Richard Zeiner-Gundersen had the best split, he was just over a minute faster than me.

I tried to be both safe & somewhat fancy to #4 by aiming directly for the second-to-last power line pole, but this forced me to run on slick slabs and among many rocks, those who simply took a slight right route along the big march ran a lot faster here and when I failed to spot the control when passing the rock band I lost about half a minute inside the circle.

OK to #5, here I got the third-best split.

My route to #6, which I had intentionally spotted on my way to #3, was pretty much optimal, I had the fourth best split but was completely outclassed by Arve who beat everyone by more than half a minute.

OK to #7 but I still lost haf a minute to the best split.

Very easy to #8 but I still lost almost 40 sec to the fastest guy, yesterday's winner Kjell Dale.

Another 20 sec lost on the run-in to the last control and finish line.

I really need to train, so it is good that we'll have the three tradtional Skjærgårdscup races a week from now.
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Fjelløpet i Vinje dag 2 (19/07/2020) Fjelløpet i Vinje dag 2 (19/07/2020)