GPX Series Race #7 (13/06/2020)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Røsnesåsen
Organiser: Halden SK
Distance: 3.54 km
Time: 34:37
Average HR: 147
Maximum HR: 169
Halden allowed me to start a couple of hours after the normal start period, so a big "Thank You!" to Raúl Ferra, HSK's head coach!

With a downhill start I ran reasonably well towards #1 but I should probably have gone over the top instead of following the hillside which was both more broken by boulders and had several un-mapped cliffs perpendicular to my course. I was quite happy to hit it perfectly. :-)

I lost some time up to #2 because I checked below a cliff earlier and lower in the hillside, but then I orienteered well to #3 & #4.

Going into #5 I knew I was probably south of the control but ran there anyway because the going was easier.

I found the narrow white opening in the dark green out to the ride, at that point it was very obvious that I had to follow it around all the green stuff.

OK orienteering but far too slow running. :-(
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GPX Series Race #7 (13/06/2020) GPX Series Race #7 (13/06/2020)