Grålum training event (25/05/2020)
Category: Training
Map/area: Sarpsborg
Distance: 3.25 km
Time: 23:33
Average HR: 140
Maximum HR: 160
This event proves that it is possible to create relevant training courses in any terrain, even just a few tiny slices of forest. Sarpsborg allowed me to start after the rest had run here so a few of the controls had already been collected but that didn't matter.

OK to 1 & 2, transport past 3 & 4 and almost to 5 where I took a compass bearing but without any visible north lines my course was about 15-20 degrees wrong. I recovered when I saw the paths but I lost 50 sec here.

The rest was mostly OK, I'm still just running too slowly.
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Grålum training event (25/05/2020) Grålum training event (25/05/2020)