FSK Thursday (21/05/2020)
Category: Training
Map/area: Lunde / Kråkerøy south
Distance: 6.19 km
Time: 56:58
Average HR: 142
Maximum HR: 171
FSK graciously allowed me to start in their regular Thu evening technical training, this one took place less than 20 min from our Hvaler summer home so it was easy to get there. Due to Covid-19 regulations I had to arrive in the arena within a very short time window, then start and after my run I had to leave at once. This way they could guarantee that there was never more than 20 people (the current government-mandated maximum) at the arena at any given time.

My running shape is unfortunately just as bad as could be expected after losing two full months due to the rib fractures I got just as the shutdown started, but I didn't orienteer too badly and ran (even if slowly) everywhere except for the steeper uphills.

The controls were marked with just a small red/white streamer, some of them very low indeed like #9, then I made small mistakes on #3 & #5, plus some hesitation into #10.
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FSK Thursday (21/05/2020) FSK Thursday (21/05/2020)