Kjentmannspost 45 (14/05/2020)
Category: Training
Map/area: Losby, Lørenskog
Distance: 10.68 km
Time: 192:50
Average HR: 105
Maximum HR: 142
A large group had turned up for this group hike, but we still maintained the required 2m separation between people not living in the same household. We ate our packed provisions on the first lakeside path junction, then continued along the lake to the road which we followed for a short while before we located a path up towards the control. On the return trip we saved some time by taking the road almost all the way down, then followed smaller (partly completely overgrown!) paths around the golf course.

Total 10.7 km, 720 m total ascent so relatively hilly, in 3 hours 13 min, including a 36 min break by the lake and 10+ min at the control so that everyone who wanted to stamp could do so safely.
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Kjentmannspost 45 (14/05/2020) Kjentmannspost 45 (14/05/2020)