Stolpejakten Østsidenmarka (09/05/2020)
Category: Training
Map/area: Fredrikstad
Distance: 4.42 km
Time: 60:29
Average HR: 113
Maximum HR: 157
Final fixed control map in the Fredrikstad area, had a nice hike with my wife & son.

Noteworthy stuff:

Between 38 & 39 there is an outdoor gym, with presumably weather-resistant versions of the usual gym apparatus.

Just before 36 I made a slight detour to check out the shallow hollow that I was forced to sleep in on my first overnight training exercise during basic training almost 44 years ago: We got a big rainstorm during the night, after I had done my one-hour guard duty, so I woke up with about 5 cm of standing water inside my sleeping bag. Before putting up the emergency shelter tents we use in Norway (each soldier carries one panel, they can all be joined together in various patterns depending upon how many you are) I had tried to move our site just 5-10 meters sideways out of the hollow but I was voted down. :-(
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Stolpejakten Østsidenmarka (09/05/2020) Stolpejakten Østsidenmarka (09/05/2020)