Control Picking Intervals (05/05/2020)
Category: Training
Map/area: Lunde, Kråkerøy
Organiser: Fredrikstad SK
Distance: 3.81 km
Time: 39:06
Average HR: 151
Maximum HR: 181
FSK like most O-clubs have been setting out Covid-19 safe training courses, this one from last week was designed as a Long training but by taking the shortest possible route between the central controls I turned it into a control picking exercise instead.

After 6 weeks of no running I'm extremely rusty, I realized on my way to the start triangle that I would have to make this an interval exercise, restarting on each control in order to get any realistic speed in the forest. :-)

Good flow to the first two but then I made a direction error into #17 and failed to see the little cliff even if I did see the control knoll to my right.

Ran legally around the plowed field to #16, then I had very good flow to #2.

On #9 I failed to spot the little blue streamer and hesitated, checking up left first.

OK to #8, on #7 the streamer was missing so I spent some time here verifying that I was in fact in the correct spot.

Good flow to #3, found a narrow ledge which got me past the initial cliff to #15. This marker was also missing but I was sure I was in the right spot.

OK to #14, to #13 there were some really sticky brambles on the east side of the field so I ended up going straight up the very steep slabs to the little knoll where I was surprised to realize that the black dot was in fact a square designating a tiny play house. :-)

Took the easy path to #12 and the road back to where I parked my car.
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Control Picking Intervals (05/05/2020) Control Picking Intervals (05/05/2020)