CC-Vest MTBO sprint rerun (18/04/2020)
Category: Training
Distance: 5.16 km
Time: 16:11
Average HR: 159
Maximum HR: 183
I was extremely impressed by the fastest guys on this sprint, so I tried a rerun on my MTB. When I study the GPS tracking it is obvious that I lose about 45 s to #5 where I first have to cross the narrow bridge with several steps up & down, then I have to make a long detour to avoid the stairs.

I also drop half a minute to #9 and some seconds to 14 & 15 due to longer routes.

OTOH I also get a few very fast downhill legs, to #3 & #12 but in the end I'm still half a minute slower than my club mate Lukas Liland who both run and orienteer very fast indeed. Bravo!
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CC-Vest MTBO sprint rerun (18/04/2020) CC-Vest MTBO sprint rerun (18/04/2020)