CC-Vest MTBO sprint (14/04/2020)
Category: Competition
Distance: 5.27 km
Time: 19:38
Average HR: 138
Maximum HR: 159
My rib fracture happened just over 3 weeks ago but it is still impossible to run. MTB however is OK, so I did the local county training race on my bike, with the map in my Ski-O harness since I don't have a MTBO map holder. In this terrain which is extremely close to where we live (our home is underneath the course description area!) I knew that it would be possible to avoid almost all the stairs by going around on pavement, so that is what I did.

My route to #1 was probably OK even on foot, you would just cut over the yellow patch.

Only good route to #2.

I considered going all the way around to the north of the buildings to #3, arriving via the canopy but decided to take the shorter route, then I just left my bike behind while walking up the stairs to the control and back down again. (This is probably not legal on a real MTBO race!). These questionable tactics did result in a very good split time though.

OK to #4, then to #5 I changed my mind after crossing the first narrow bridge: I had planned to go up to the road and attack via #1, then went up past #2 instead. This was stupid since my first route was probably better, and definitely better than turning around. Compared to the sprinters, this was by far my worst leg.

The route to #6 was trivial since that is the start of my standard run up along the Lysaker river. Being mostly downhill on good pavement I did beat the sprinters here.

Going back to #7 I had to ride up a narrow walkway to get to the upper level, then continue across it and around to #8.

On foot it was possible to go north past #6, up to the road and back down the stairs, or you could go south and up the middle staircase but on my bike I just rode around everything.

Easy #10 & #11, then what should have been my best leg compared to the runners downhill to #12, but I only managed to do it a couple of seconds faster than the sprint specialist Håkon JW.

At this point I should probably have turned 180 degrees, and crossed the river on the wider bridge, but I just rode past the control and had to do the narrow one, with several small jumps. After crossing (carefully!) underneath the railway station I rode up and all the way around #13 instead of trying to drag my bike up the stairs shortcut.

OK foot-O routes to the last controls, I could have gone down to the main road and back instead of taking the foot bridge to #15 since I had to carry my bike both down to the main bridge span and further down at the end of it.
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CC-Vest MTBO sprint (14/04/2020) CC-Vest MTBO sprint (14/04/2020)