Stolpejakten (10/04/2020)
Category: Training
Map/area: Stensrud
Distance: 8.01 km
Time: 133:50
Average HR: 102
Maximum HR: 154
This was a longer than usual hike to pick up 9 of 10 controls on this map in the SE corner of Oslo. We parked by 95 then started east to 96, 97 etc. The first part until 99 was all quite easy hiking on nice singletrack paths. This kept on, but much more elevation gain to 100. From that point we were looking for the unmapped moose trails and we did find a single connected indistinct path all the way across the big hill, Going back west to 92 we decided to skip 91 and went south to 93 which is known as the stone church: 4-5 apartment block-sized boulders with a large opening underneath!
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Stolpejakten (10/04/2020) Stolpejakten (10/04/2020)