Skråliløpet (30/03/2020)
Category: Training
Map/area: Båntjern
Organiser: Knut-Anders Løken
Distance: 5.17 km
Time: 67:12
Average HR: 115
Maximum HR: 157
Still hurting from my rib fracture but I just had to try this map memory event, so I decided to try to walk (very carefully!) around the course while spending as little time as possible on each control to memorize the next leg. I had one extra issue in that I forgot to bring my compass so keeping the correct direction was a lot harder, particularly in the flatter areas.

Easy first control: Take the path until it crossed the stream, then cut left over the hill and find the knoll below it.

Find the funnel halfway to #2, then keep right of the stream and climb up the hill.

#3 was easy since Anders Nordberg had used the same control, from the same direction a couple of weeks ago, unfortunately the control was missing so I searched for it for a while before I pulled my backup map out of my pocket and used that to both verify that I was in the correct spot and memorize the next control. I put the map away immediately and did not touch it on any more.

To #4 I wanted to run flat, crossing over the big path and then follow the next one up to the top of the hill, then follow the ridge top to the control, this worked perfectly.

I simplified #5 by taking the paths on the top of the hill until I hit the very characteristic slanting crosswise cut, then I cut down knowing that I had 4 contours to cross at a 45 degree angle.

#6 was climb up 2 contours, cross the valley and use the small cliffs to verify exactly where I was. Hit it perfectly.

Took a very safe route to #7, this turned out to be even more of a win when #8 was just running back the same way!

The route to #9 was easy, just up the valley to the main path, then uphill but stop before the stream.

Another safe route to #10, but here I failed to see either the detail (boulder) or the markers, so I turned back 20-30 m until I knew I had to be in the green area with multiple boulders, then I went back and found it.

#11 was by far the most difficult control: My plan was to contour, crossing the paths until I hit the bottom of the rock & boulder field, then climb up. I did this climb a bit earlier than planned so when I arrived on top I failed to spot the control and searched uphill 30-40 m before going further south and finding it.

#12 was easy except for an un-mapped path that started just after the initial stream crossing, but I remembered that my path was supposed to go downhill so I cut over, then followed that path until I saw the stream coming downhill.

Good flow to #13: Down to the lower path, pass the open knoll underneath the cliff then keep the course past two paths and to the right of some ponds. There was another control located on the knoll at 9 o'clock just inside the circle.

#14 was nearly a disaster, I failed to spot the path junction but realized that I was in the wrong spot when I saw the big track below me. I had not memorized where that track was located relative to the control so I just cut across and tried to return to my planned route but ended up too far north, hesitating quite a bit before I decided that this was where I had to be and turned downhill where I soon spotted it.

Very good flow to #15: Main path bend,straight, left until small knoll, then down the ridge.

I took a chance to the finish, just ran perpendicular to the contours, which was quite difficult in the flat final area, but I only needed a 30 m bend at the end to get to it.

I lost nearly 3 min on the missing #3 (I called Knut-Anders immediately afterwards and he went out and fixed it within less than an hour!), 1 min on #10, 1.5 min on #11 and another 1.5 min on #14. With normal running speed each of those mistakes might have taken half as long, but I'm still quite happy that I didn't have to cheat. :-)
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Skråliløpet (30/03/2020) Skråliløpet (30/03/2020)