Langsetløkka sprint (22/03/2020)
Category: Training
Organiser: Anders Nordberg
Distance: 4.83 km
Time: 48:45
Average HR: 139
Maximum HR: 169
Very nice training with my son Fredrik until the very end when I fell on some slopy bare rock and landed sideways with all the force on 2-3 ribs. Extremely painful at once, then after a couple of minutes we walked to the car and got back home where I managed to shower after grabbing some ibuprofen for the pain. I really hope I'm not completely grounded for the next 3 weeks since even with the Covid-19 limitations we've had very nice training conditions in the forests around Oslo.

I had planned to go straight to #1, but taking the road a few meters and then avoiding the marshland looked too inviting! It turned out it must have done so for a lot of people over the last couple of years because there was a very nice (established) path leading more or less directly to the control.

I started on a compass bearing to #2 but allowed myself to be steered by where the terrain and forest was most passable, this lead me into the main channel so I climbed up left and cut across, hitting it perfectly.

OK to #3 except that the contour drawing in the final green valley was misleading, I was sure that I was much closer to the form line nose further south/higher but when I hit the edge of the hillside I knew that I had to be too far north so I just turned right.

Very easy to #4 and back to #5.

I could have taken a right turn to #6 to avoid all the green but decided to go straight, this worked well except that I was forced a bit too far south in the deeper green so when I ran on a bearing through the light green I had to make a small adjustment when I spotted the boulder a bit to the right of my course.

Easy to #7 & 8, then I took an intermediate route to #9: Found a good way down to the ski track then I ran around and attacked the control from the road/path system.

OK to #10 & 11, took a slightly different route (intentionally) from the road into #12. At this point I had forgotten about the second wing of the butterfly so I started uphill to #16 when my son reminded me that we had another loop waiting!

Ran OK around this loop, then we climbed uphill and crossed the central valley by the path junction which made it easy to hit #16.

Nice flow to #17 & 18, then as we left the path and could see the beginning of the patch of bare rock with the final control I slid side-wise and landed very badly with my fist underneath me so that the entire force of my fall was transferred to the edge of my lower ribs and stomach. I had to lie still for a minute or two before I could breathe properly and then we walked back to my car. Now, about 5 hours later, it is just getting more painful and that is unfortunately normal for rib injuries, they can get worse for up to a week before they stabilize. :-(
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Langsetløkka sprint (22/03/2020) Langsetløkka sprint (22/03/2020)