Båntjern control picking (17/03/2020)
Category: Training
Map/area: Sognsvann Vest
Organiser: Anders Nordberg
Distance: 5.35 km
Time: 53:53
Average HR: 145
Maximum HR: 173
I ran this training course with my son this afternoon, very nice conditions, the small patches of snow really didn't matter at all:

We hit the first 5 controls perfectly, then on #6 I failed to see the miniature flag where I expected it and turned downhill until Fredrik saw it where it was suposed to be.

Back to 1/7 was very easy, then we hit #8 & 9 well, but halfway to #10 we had a major issue: A lady with two unleashed dogs lost control of one of them which suddenly leaped across the path (I had passed them with the recommended 1.5-2m distance) and tried to lame Fredrik by attacking him, biting into the major sinew behind the knee. At that point we had to cut the run short, so we just picked up 5 more controls on the way back to our parking spot.

After coming back home we inspected the damage, his leg was bleeding a bit and we could see the dog teeth imprints so we called the nearest (private) emergency center and was told to come in so he could be inspected and get a fresh tetanus shot.

We're assuming the dog owner will volunteer to pay, otherwise we'll have to go to the police.
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Båntjern control picking (17/03/2020) Båntjern control picking (17/03/2020)