Skuddårsløpet (29/02/2020)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ingierstrand
Organiser: Geoform
Distance: 4.55 km
Time: 45:55
Average HR: 139
Maximum HR: 162
First real competition in 2020, the rescue light night-O a month ago doesn't really count.

I ran OK to the first 5 controls but then I tried to avoid the medium green valley down to #6 and failed to cross over to the right hillside. I lost at least a minute here, then I went on to climb too high up to #7 for another half-minute time oss. OK to 8-11 but then I allowed myself to drop too far down towards the last control and when I tried to go back up I didn't climb enough. I recovered when I spotted the building south of the parking lot. Another 30-45 s lost here for a total of 2.5 to 3 min, but I'm still very happy that I got to run this fine course in very good conditions! (I have just replaced my Garmin watch and tried the new "UltraTrack mode which turned out to be completely rubbish, so I've had to manually adjust the track pretty much all the way. This also means that the speed color coding is nearly worthless.
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Skuddårsløpet (29/02/2020) Skuddårsløpet (29/02/2020)