Retronatta (29/01/2020)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sognsvann Øst/Låkeberget
Organiser: NSK ved Bergans
Distance: 5.04 km
Time: 58:27
Average HR: 161
Maximum HR: 199
"Too sick to fail!" I have been struggling with a virus infection since before New Year but felt that I recovered sufficiently to walk/jog around this retro Night-O event where we had classes for various generations/luminosity ratings of headlamps, I "ran" with my tiny OLIGHT backup light, since I was moving so slowly the low light level only mattered when close to the controls since I could not spot the reflex markers until I got far closer than normal.

I had time for a proper compass bearing to #1 and hit that one perfectly except for the extra hesitation caused by moving so slowly: My distance estimation was off.

Obvious route to #2, good execution.

I had decided early on to go left to #3, except for running on paths slightly too far north in the beinning so that I ended up crossing the little double hill south of Blankvann I executed this one just as planned. I think this was my best leg, many of the people who tried more direct routes lost some time.

Simplified #4 a bit by first following the ridge north, then I took the path which as expected turned into a faint trail leading down to the valley where I had the indistinct path bend as my attack point.

#5 might have been the hardest control, I just followed my bearing and verified halfway that I crossed the big path by the junction, then at the very end I had to traverse around the small cliff before dropping down to the control.

Simplified #6 using the path and ride.

#7 was the easiest control.

My route to #8 followed paths almost the entire way while minimizing climb.

My compass bearings to the two last controls were both slightly off, had to correct right on #9 and to the left on #10.

The jog to the finish line was my longest continuous run, I did no more than 50 paces before walking a bit before the last control, but now a couple of days later it seems that I did not suffer a relapse, i.e. I'm no worse than I was before this event.
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Retronatta (29/01/2020) Retronatta (29/01/2020)