Ribbe & Loff H60 (14/12/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Hasle / Sinsen
Distance: 5.26 km
Time: 31:57
Average HR: 142
Maximum HR: 164
Pretty good conditions for Helge Gisholt's traditional "long street sprint" race before Christmas, on a brand new map with several interesting challenges.

I messed up badly on #5 where I started to look for my control by the end of the wrong apartment block, lost ~50 sec.

I also lost a few seconds to #7, but not half a minute to a bunch of people as shown on the Winsplits page: Lots of runners took an illegal shortcut through olive green and avoided having to run all the way around the last block.

There were many less significant traps where it was easy to take an illegal shortcut through a sparse fence or a fallow flower bed, but I tried to be very careful and believe I ran legal routes everywhere.
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Ribbe & Loff H60 (14/12/2019) Ribbe & Loff H60 (14/12/2019)