Veritas Natt (27/11/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Koll-hytta/Sognsvann Øst
Distance: 4.45 km
Time: 47:35
Average HR: 162
Maximum HR: 180
Won the split to #1, then it went downhill from there:

The direct route to #2 was far slower than going north to the ski track and back in through the flat white forest, this was excarbated by the fact that the flag was located a bit north of the circle center. I lost almost a minue to Erik Tandrevold here and dropped to 6th place which I kept for several controls.

OK to #3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8, just a few seconds hesitation on some of the controls.

I ran very well to #9, my second-best split.

I have had the boulder on #10 once before, at that time I missed it to the left so I was very careful with a compass direction from where my path crossed the stone fence, but I still ended up to the left and then I searched left first. Lost a minute here.

#11 looked to be dead simple, just run over the hill and down to the big path, but with the fresh snow cover I never saw it! I guessed that this must have happened when I hit the bushy wet marsh and started searching westward, where I managed to pass the control by a few meters without spotting it. I seem to have lost about 4:30 here!

OK to #12, got more wet than I needed to #13 where I should have followed the paths, except that they were invisible below the snow cover.

Very nice to #14 which it would have been very easy to miss.

Stopped too early, then I looked north before locating #15. Lost another minute.

OK to the last control and down to the finish.
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Veritas Natt (27/11/2019) Veritas Natt (27/11/2019)