Harry Lagert 4 Lokal (16/10/2019)
Category: Competition
Distance: 4.32 km
Time: 42:30
Average HR: 152
Maximum HR: 178
My foot is very slowly getting better, so now I'm running once a week, but I am extremely rusty after 2 months of enforced rest.

I did OK running in the middle of the hillside to #1, with groups both above and below me, I hit the control exactly as planned. Down to #2, which was scary since I had to be very careful I would not hit anything with my bad left foot, I ran more direct than the people in front of me, they were all off to the right and had to turn back into the control.

Up the hill to the path towards #3 was the first time I really noticed how badly out of shape I am, but than the path running was OK and after contouring from where the path turned uphill I hit the creek in exactly the right spot and foundthe control easily.

Back up the hill to #4 was where it stopped being fun, it was a very hard trek with some walking even when I was on the path instead of going straight. I did not hold my course properly into the flag and had to correct out to the edge of the hill to locate it. 15-20 s?

Returning to #5 I was obviously still hammered from the last leg, did not orienteer well at all and lost a minute.

At this point I tried to pull myself together and managed really nice routes and good execution to #6, back to #7 and then to #8. At this point I had caught up to the tail of a larger group and tried to reel them in to #9. As my track shows, this impacted my orienteering and I made a totally unneccesary one-minute wobble into the control. The terrain in this area was completely covered in slash, between 20 and 60 cm deep making it really hard to move around.

Nice orienteering to #10, I had full control and disregarded the people to my right over the final hill, then it was just a matter of contour running to #11 before the easy last control and finish line.
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Harry Lagert 4 Lokal (16/10/2019) Harry Lagert 4 Lokal (16/10/2019)